Unusual Methods for Delivery Work

 Unusual Methods for Delivery Work


Sometimes, choosing the right method for delivery work is just as important as choosing the jobs you undertake. After all, there’s no sense in becoming a bicycle messenge   Nangs Delivery if you’re planning to be delivering heavy items such as computers or furniture. And a large, sturdy van probably might not be the best choice for rapid, building-to-building inner city deliveries. But how can you tell what sort of method is right for you? Have a look at a few different ways to conduct your delivery work!

Horse and Carriage

In the ‘Olden Days’, before the invention of the internal combustion engine, humble messengers engaged on their delivery work would only have the company of their humble horse. Whether it was a cabman on the streets of Victorian London, or a member of the Pony Express delivering messages across America, a messenger and his horse would (by necessity) be nigh-on inseparable. So can horses work in today’s highly competitive world of fast-paced deliveries? The answer, unfortunately, is probably not. Traffic has been known to spook horses, making motorway travel difficult to achieve without being thrown from your saddle. Horses also conspicuously lack heaters or air-conditioners (or, in fact, air fresheners) as options, making all-weather delivery work a nightmare for the horse-owner.


Delivery work is a vital part of today’s urban society, and freewheeling ‘bike messengers’ can often be seen pelting through the traffic of modern cities. While a bike is a fine choice for rapid inner-city transport (as well as a great way of keeping fit while you go about your business), it is limiting in the sort of items you can deliver. Many bike messengers can only be couriers for small items or documents, and long-distance delivery w



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