Taking Your Kids to the Movies – The Wizard of Oz, 1939

 Taking Your Kids to the Movies – The Wizard of Oz, 1939


The Wizard of Oz is perhaps the best film made. It presents tone, yet in such a remarkable manner. Judy Garland plays Dorothy, an early juvenile who is half youngster and half young lady. She is longing for some place over the   사설토토 rainbow, however she has no guardians thus she is raised by Auntie Em, three ungainly men, and her canine Toto.


The initial scenes are totally shot clearly, representative of the conventionality of Dorothy’s life. She longs for something else. We perceive now, according to our viewpoint, that some place over the rainbow isn’t simply Oz, however it is a reclamation and transitioning in the most profound manner. It’s a drop into the oblivious, where everybody can encounter a mystical excursion.


The twister comes, Dorothy’s taken out, and everything goes to shading. The film is loaded up with munchkins, developed individuals who never grew, a decent witch, a terrible witch, and a street to recovery. The Wizard of Oz is about a young lady having the guts to venture out from home and grow up. In the wake of meeting intriguing characters en route, battling with dangers and in any event, managing an underhanded witch that needs her dead, Dorothy tracks down her direction to OZ and to the extraordinary wizard.


In the end scenes of this beautiful excursion, Dorothy carries the evil witch’s broomstick to Oz so he can then delivery her to return home. According to oz, “Don’t stir the fury of the incredible and strong Oz. I said return tomorrow.”


Little Toto, that splendid augmentation of Dorothy’s interest, hurries to the drapery and pulls it back, and Oz says, “Give no consideration to that person pulling all the strings.” His actual personality is uncovered. Dorothy goes dependent upon him and smacks him on the face. She tells the Wizard of Oz that he’s an extremely terrible man, and the wizard says, with a moan, “no, I am actually an excellent man; I am only an exceptionally awful wizard.”


This scene places goose pimples on our arms since we know at that time reality with regards to our folks. They’re not wizards or heavenly, they’re simply great individuals. The wizard of Oz addresses the fall of our youth glorifications. However, he actually has power.


He proceeds to give the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion “what they’ve generally had.” He gives the Tin Man a velvet heart, the Scarecrow a recognition and the Lion an award representing his fortitude. He lets them know that they’ve had these things from the beginning and presently they know it.


So how treats tell us? The youngster therapist in me considers character and sees Dorothy’s folks as not generally so incredible as she believed them to be. Dorothy transcends and turns out to be preferable over she thought she was; presently not a youngster, she’s all set home.


During the last scene we wind up back clearly, encompassed by three abnormal men and Auntie Em. They need to know what Dorothy has quite recently experienced however she simply says, “Gracious, in any case, Toto, we’re home. Home! Furthermore this is my room, and you’re all here. Furthermore I’m not going to leave here ever, at any point in the future, since I love all of you, and – goodness, Auntie Em – there’s no spot like home!”

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