Protection For Your Computer Network

Protection For Your Computer Network


Intensive cyber attacks can happen anytime to your computer network that can cause the entire system to bog down. Due to severity in cases and in the number of networks affected, many companies today have adopted the computercyber offical website  latest comprehensive strategies against the existing threats.

Two of the latest in technology that you can find in the computer market today are the Defense-in-depth strategy and the Network Access Program or NAP.

Defense-in-depth Strategy – This refers to an information assurance system that works through multiple layers of defense mechanism installed on the networks and data centers. This approach aims to defend your data center from any cyber attack with the use of varied methods.
The concept behind this kind of security in layers is that it’s not possible for a single system to defend itself from emerging cyber threats that face the computer networks today. It is necessary for the technical people to have the ability to screen the traffic data at their origin, and be able to filter out the kinds of computer data that are not so important to cyber security.

The Benefits of Using the Defense-in-depth Strategy

  • Attain an optimized visibility and network protection coverage at a minimal cost.
  • Ability to set-up security health checks.
  • Stacking of several Protector Series to monitor the optimization of security tools.
  • Use of session-aware type of load balancing in order to prevent missed packets and over-subscription of the security tools.

Network Access Protection – This is a new kind of solution that controls access to the network based on a recognized computer’s identity and required compliance with corporate policy. NAP sets up the requirements on the network access program based on the identity of a client, the group where it belongs, and the specific degree to which it is compliant with the corporate policy.
Salient Features of the Network Access Protection



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