How to Easily Remove Rot From Your Exhaust

 How to Easily Remove Rot From Your Exhaust


If you have not been cautious and your motorcycle’s exhaust has been exposed to moisture or water trapped between the muffler and the mud, you will eventually uitlaat demper  experience rot. For some bikers replacement of the whole exhaust system will be the automatic option, but with creativity in the automotive world, there are ways in which you can repair your exhaust pipe to look as good as your previous installation.

For the owners with exhaust systems made out of stainless steel, you are not out of the woods yet as the effect of rot will eventually show after a period of time. However, for those exhaust systems that have corrosion on them and are not stainless steel, you can use the repair procedure below to revamp your exhaust.

The Repair Procedure

  1. Visit your local dealer to purchase a DuPont Quick-Prep. This product will remove small traces of leftover rust and eventually create a protective layer on the exhaust’s muffler. If you lack a DuPont, a WD40 can also do the trick.
  2. Alternatively, a two liter Cola can also remove the rust from your exhaust. Cola contains phosphoric acid that eats up the rust. All you need to do is have a bucket of cola, dip an aluminum foil in the bucket and rub it on the area affected by th



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