How Seeking God’s Direction Is Like Playing Video Games

 How Seeking God’s Direction Is Like Playing Video Games


One of the most common concerns among believers is trying to figure out the right path that God has planned for them. They pray that God will give them a clear direction, stating they want to serve God’s will and not waste their time going down the wrong path. The problem is, most of these people already have a direction in mind. They 30-06 ammo  then get frustrated or confused when God doesn’t seem to be leading them down the path they think they should be going.

This is where the comparison comes in. If you ever played any of the first person shooter type video games, you may have noticed a few things they have in common.

  1. They all end in one particular goal
    2. There is usually different settings/ levels you must tackle before achieving the goal
    3. It’s not a straight shot to get to that goal
    4. There are a lot of enemies and obstacles that stand between you and the finish.

Often in life, we come across paths that we are pretty sure we are supposed to take, but for one reason or another, the door that we think leads to that path remains closed. When this happens, we tend to become frustrated and start doubting ourselves, wondering if we are going the right way or where to go instead.

In video games, there are many similar occurrences. You know that in order to proceed you must somehow get from where you are to the next stage of the game. Unfortunately the logical path that you would assume you should take is blocked. So what do you do? I doubt that you give up and say “I guess this is the end of the game since I can’t seem to get through.” No, you start searching for another way through. Sometimes the alternative is easy to find, sometimes though you must spend a lot of time searching for a not so obvious path or something to unblock the path you are on. In any good game, these alternative paths are not just a walk in the park. They typically require some specific action from you or they require you to fight off a room full of enemies before you can proceed.

In life, often the path that we think God is leading us down will become blocked with its own set of challenges, forcing us to find an alternative route. God may still be leading us to that room on the other side of the door eventually, but instead of giving us a straight path through, He is telling us not yet and that we are going have to do something else first. In a video game, these alternative paths are built in to prevent the game from being too boring and straight forward, while also building skills for later levels in the game. In real life, they are designed to build character and bring us closer to God.

As we go through the game of life, we often find ourselves in situations that often cause us to doubt that we are going the right way. We come across enemies we have a hard time defeating, and we encounter seemingly impossible circumstances that make us want to just quit and give up. But like in a video game, there is always a way out. God doesn’t give us challenges that we would be incapable of handling either ourselves or with the help of others. Granted sometimes we must try over and over again to get things right, when we do, we breathe a sigh of relief and proceed with even more confidence than before, knowing that the finish is near.



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