Buy Art Online by Robert Bradford and Other Recycled Art Artists

 Buy Art Online by Robert Bradford and Other Recycled Art Artists


If you are looking to buy art online, Robert Bradford offers a selection of unique pieces to purchase at this time on the internet. Robert Bradford art is among the most  Toys for boys popular recycled art you find. At the start of his career, Bradford was a film maker and painter. His paintings were viewed in the United States, and he and his artwork returned to his home in the UK to begin sculpting. Since his large sculptures that are created from reclaimed plastic toys’ creation in 2004, he has become widely known. The reclaimed media he uses for his art makes his pieces as specialty that is collected by private galleries and institutions such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

The Toy Angel is made on a wood support and is created solely from reclaimed plastic toys, and is currently being displayed at the Ripley’s Museum in Florida. Including game controllers, squirt guns, birds, stars and plastic knife blades, this colorful rendition of an angel will excite the eyes and begin the wonderment a child feels when playing with the toys.

The Power Angel of Death by Robert Bradford also sits on a wooden support, and is made of such plastic toys as airplanes and disks of all shapes and sizes. A black colored death mask sits atop a cleverly created torso, complete with wings and praying hands. No other piece created by Bradford sits in the same category when it comes to imagination and flare. If you wish to buy art online, the gallery this sits in is located on the internet by searching Bradford’s name.

Foo Foo 2 is a creation that many collectors will enjoy. Sculpted as a dog, Foo Foo 2 sits upon a wooden support, and is a mixed media sculpture made of many toys. Pieces used include walkie talkies, Barbie pieces, letters and numbers, hearts, brushes tiny hands and guns. Many small and delicate pieces were used in the creation of this masterful artwork, and can be fully appreciated by any person who enjoys art in its many forms.



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