5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Reminds Me of a Game Show  

 5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Reminds Me of a Game Show



During a recent weekday after the school year just ended, my daughter and I were watching television. We scanned through the channels and found the all new The Price  WhatsApp lucky Draw winner 2022 Is Right. You know, the one with Drew Carey instead of Bob Barker (the one that I watched as a young girl). Anyway, my daughter had not been exposed to The Price Is Right before that day and, as a teenager, she found it very intriguing. We watched the contestants beam with excitement as they ran to take their places in the coveted ‘front row’. Then, one by one they began to bid on camping gear, bicycles, surf boards, outdoor grills and the like. One of the lucky ones always got to advance up on the stage to bid on some even more exciting items. Then, six of those bidders got the chance to spin that big wheel to narrow the playing field down to just two people that got to move into the Showcase Showdown. Watching The Price Is Right with my daughter brought back memories of my childhood, and I saw the same look on her face that I probably had on mine so many years ago. I wanted all of them to win! But, as we know, everyone can’t win. That is why it’s a called game show.

My daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, this game show is sort of like your home business.” That was a very interesting comment, so we talked about it for a while and I started to see the similarities.

You have a room full of people that really want to be in the front row, just like you have a team of people (even if right now it’s just a “team of one”) that want to be in the front row themselves in their home business.


You have several people all trying to determine what something is worth, just like you have several people on your team trying to figure out what working a home business is worth to them.


You have a select few people that understand the value of the item and make it to the next level; whether that be on the stage to play again for even more exciting prizes, sales bonuses, recruiting bonuses, or to get to the next management level in their chosen MLM.


Out of those select few that understand the value, only 6 of them actually get to “spin the big wheel”.


Finally, out of those 6 people, only 2 of them advance to the final stages of “the game”: The Showcase Showdown or to the top of the MLM compensation plan.



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