The Principle and Composition of the Solar Christmas Lights

 The Principle and Composition of the Solar Christmas Lights


Solar Christmas light is composed by many parts, such as solar panels, controller, battery, light  integrated solar street light

source, the poles and lamp housing. They all have their own role, no matter what is missed, solar Christmas lights will be unable to work. And what are the roles they played in the solar Christmas lights working?

1, panels

Panels is the core part in the Solar Christmas lights, and it is also the highest value part. Its job is converting the sunshine to electrical energy which will be stored in batteries. Silicon is the main material of the solar battery.

2, Controller

In the lights system, the most important part is the controller, its performance directly affects the system life expectancy, especially battery life. Controller detects the voltage and current parameters of battery and solar cell components by measuring the outside temperature, which is the guide of MOSFET device turn-on and turn-off controlling to achieve a variety of control and protection.

3, battery

Because the input energy of the solar PV system is very unstable, solar lights usually need to configure the battery system to work. The choice of battery capacity in general should follow the following principles: Under the premise of meeting the night lighting, storing the daytime solar energy down as much as possible. Batteries should match solar cells, electric load (lamp), neither too small nor too large. Solar power should be four times higher than the load power which can make the system work properly.

4, light source



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