Protect Your Airsoft Gun and Its Warranty

Protect Your Airsoft Gun and Its Warranty


Careless use of an airsoft gun can not only cause injuries, it can break the gun and void its warranty. In addition to protecting yourself and others when dealing with 38 super ammo  airsoft guns, taking proper care of guns is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Some of the precautions that should be taken to prevent damage and increase the longevity of your airsoft guns may not be obvious. Following manufacturer recommendations as well as these tips is advised:

Use the right BBs. Note that BBs are available in different sizes and weights, and using the wrong type can cause damage to a gun. Most airsoft guns use 6mm BBs, but check your owner’s manual to be sure you are using the correct BBs for each of your guns. We recommend polished, high-grade, seamless BBs.

Use the correct battery charge time for each gun. The batteries that power airsoft electric guns (AEGs) are sensitive and have specific requirements for the amount of time they are to be charged. Standard chargers do not have a chip that tells them to stop charging when the battery is full, as smart chargers do. Be sure that you know the correct charge time for each of your guns, and do not exceed it.

Only cock a spring airsoft gun once per shot. Spring airsoft guns, also known as “cock and shoot” airsoft guns, are designed to be cocked once before shooting one BB. Cocking a spring gun more than once can lead to internal damage and a voided warranty.

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