Online Computer Classes  

 Online Computer Classes


If you’ve been thinking about trying an online computer class, but don’t know much about it, not to worry. It’s easy to learn about signing up for an online class, especially  if you want to get started right away.

Online computer classes are rising in popularity, and it’s pretty clear to me that they are the wave of the future. While I don’t think online computer classes should ever replace live lectures completely, they do offer a great supplement to traditional learning methods, and are great for people that would be otherwise unable to attend classes in a university setting. I’ve taken several online computer courses, and have been very satisfied with each.

Indeed, toward the end of my college years, most of the courses I enrolled in had online elements that made learning and doing assignments much more convenient. After college I found myself pursuing a postgraduate certification, which was largely conducted by online classes. Though there was always at least some live discussion, which I think is key, a lot of learning can easily be done by way of the internet.

More recently, I took a Princeton Review preparatory class for the LSAT exam. There were plenty of live classes to attend if I wished, but I found the online element to be the most helpful part. Being able to access 20-30 hours of highly-interactive, self-paced online lessons, 6 full-length practice tests and drills, Complete review of all LSAT subjects, Email support from expert instructors, 24/7 real-time support from The Princeton Review Online Coach. Being able to access any number of tests, quizzes, videos, and lectures with just a few clicks is extremely convenient, and makes preparing for even the most arduous exam almost kind of fun.

Today you can earn entire degrees with online computer classes. Though I haven’t done this myself, I’d imagine you can get every bit as good of an education online as by going in to live lectures. Most online computer classes and online degree programs do in fact have live elements as well, but the real key to any kind of learning is your effort and will to learn. If you’re not willing to make an effort, and don’t care about what your learning, the entire staff of Harvard wouldn’t be able to teach you a thing. Likewise, if you really are motivated, you could learn as much as any doctorate just by hanging out in a library.

Places such as University of Phoenix have been around for years offering classes online.

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