G&G GR16 – A Short Review of the G&G GR16 M4 Airsoft Gun

 G&G GR16 – A Short Review of the G&G GR16 M4 Airsoft Gun


All of us want to make sure that we are carrying the absolute best piece of equipment onto the airsoft field that we possibly can. One choice that you can make which is always going to leave you happy is the G&G GR16. This weapon is one of the better ones than we ever tested, and there are a number of different things and we really enjoyed about 410 bore ammo this piece of equipment. Owning quite a few weapons out of the G&G armament has always showed us that this company was able to over deliver on the quality of the weapons that they offered for sale. The G&G GR16 was no exception.

Build Quality

The first thing that we noticed whenever we opened up the package is the fact that the G&G GR16 is a very solid weapon which is a combination of metal and high-end nylon fiber. Working all of the action on the GR16 showed us that it was smooth and that everything seemed to go together very well. Within just a few minutes of handling this air soft gun, we were convinced that it would be an ideal choice for use in almost any type of battle environment.

Gear Box

The gearbox is packed full of strong internals like all steel gears and 8 mm ball bearings. The gear box case it self is reinforced so it can handle spring upgrades no problem and will last you a long time. The driving force behind it all is a 8.4 volt high torque motor. All in all it is a very good design that has the strength to deliver solid performance right out of the box.

Shooting Performance



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