Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft Guns

 Difference Between Paintball and Airsoft Guns


There are many differences between airsoft guns and paintball guns. There are also differenc .458 socom ammo es behind the games themselves. These differences include the kinetic power, shooting ranges, an honor system, and the prices.

When you play paintball you don’t need to rely on a player being honest if they are shot or not because it is obvious they were. A paintball will explode when it hits you and leave a splatter of a bright color on your clothing. When you play with airsoft guns there is no definite sign that the person was hit. People have to be honest and admit that they were hit and leave the playing field and go to the safety zone until they are flagged back into the game. People must rely on this honor system in order to play airsoft.

A paintball projects from a gun much harder and stronger than the pellets from airsoft guns. This is because the paintballs weigh more than the pellets do. The energy from a paintball is a significantly different collision when they impact the target.

Another difference between paintball guns and airsoft guns is that the airsoft guns have a larger range than the paintball guns. Most airsoft guns shoot between 300fps to 600fps and if you upgrade the gun with a hop-up unit then it will also create a backspin and give the shots fired an upward arc. Because of the weight of paintballs they will not travel as far as pellets from an airsoft gun. The airsoft guns are much more powerful then the paintball guns.

The cost of playing with airsoft guns in comparison to paintball guns are close to being equivalent. If you are trying to decide between which game to play and you want to play the cheapest game then they are about the same. The biggest differences in price are when you look at ammunition. The guns are about the same price. Airsoft guns are much cheaper to maintain and the pellets are significantly cheaper than paintballs are.



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