Choose Your Weapon – How to Select Your First Airsoft Gun

 Choose Your Weapon – How to Select Your First Airsoft Gun



Choosing the right weapon will enhance your airsoft sporting experience. Follow these steps 38 special ammo  when selecting your first firearm.

Determine how you will be using your airsoft gun.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on an airsoft gun: What kind of playing situation will you be most frequently participating in? Military re-enactment or sport genres? Does historical accuracy matter? What role will you play on your team? Do you want to be in the heat of battle, or a peripheral sniper? A Rifleman (an excellent position for a newbie) makes up the bulk of the team and participates in a variety of positions and fire ranges. A CQC (Close Quarters Combat) soldier will need more durability and a firearm that is maneuverable. A Support Gunner pins down the enemy with heavy fire so that other team members can advance. A sniper or marksman needs a high degree of accuracy. Know what role you want to play. Select the gun style that suits your role. Determine which length, weight, degree of accuracy, rate of fire, and the upgrade potential you desire.

Decide which type and style of airsoft gun will work for your playing needs.

There are three types of airsoft guns to choose from: spring-action, electric and gas. Each has certain advantages. Spring-action guns are inexpensive and very durable but lack the power of gas and electric guns. Gas guns may suffer reduced performance in extreme cold while electric guns require a battery and charger. The most popular guns are arguably airsoft AEGs (airsoft automatic electric guns) which are always a good place to start for beginners. Guns also come in 5 different styles: handgun, rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, and machine gun. Your role in the game will determine which style makes the most sense



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