Casino War Brings Back Childhood With An Adult Twist   

Casino War Brings Back Childhood With An Adult Twist


Remember playing games of war as a child? Casino war brings those great rainy day games back and so much more. If you didn’t have the opportunity to play this great boredom killer as a child then you 온라인카지노 definitely won’t want to miss out on the experience when it can bring in a few bucks. Remember though that this is a game that will test your memory as much as anything else. It is a fun game as well as a quick way to whittle down a pile money. The question you will want to ask yourself at the end of day is whose money are you going to allow this great game to take a chunk out of?

The Twist on the Old Favorite

So what is the difference in casino war and the game you loved as a child? The prize for one thing. No longer are you playing for the bigger pile of cards. This time you are after piles of cold hard cash in exchange for your winning hands but keep in mind that the bank will take its ransom if yours is not the winning hand. Keep careful watch on your money as it has a tendency to come and go almost without notice in this game that moves along quickly between turns and can get away from you if you allow it to.

How to Play Casino War

This is a game that is between you and the dealer. There are no prisoners taken in this particular war and the last man standing is generally the one that took the prize. It is war after all. You do not want to appear weak in the eyes of your foe. Or in this case, the casino dealer. Playing online allows you the luxury of not needing to look fierce so feel free to enjoy those pink bunny slippers. No one will ever know. You begin by each receiving one card. The high card wins. It really is as simple as that.

When there is a tie is when things get a little bit interesting. Here you have the option of really going to all out war or conceding the battle. If you surrender you sacrifice half your original bet but the battle is over and you are ready to walk away or play another hand. If you decide to fight though, the dealer will “burn” 3 cards and turn one card face up on your stack then do the same for his stack. The high card then wins.


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